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about me


 I like to hang out with friends, play sports like football basketball soccer and rugby league. I like scooters bmx and also motocross I love to listen to music and dubstep. I also play video games on ps3 and xbox. I play WRFL (western region football league) and for AFL I go for western bulldogs.

scroll down  to see some awesome pictures

luke dahlausbmx backflip downloadsuzuki_motocross-wideimages



My friend and I drew this picture we tried to draw the first picture with the monster I’s and L’s. This is skrillex he is a dub step mixer and beat mixer so he is a DJ.


  1. Hi I like your all about me page I like all your pages and I can’t wait till tomorrow

    From kaylan

  2. Hi Will

    Cool blog I like the scooter do do want it

    From Zackery

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