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Specialists Reflections

Whole year sport reflection

What I did: In sport this year I went to district athletics and then I went to inter-school sports and we were undefeated and then we made it in to a round robin and we won all three games.
We competed in lightning premiership on the 24th of the October and we won the shield, in AFL. Then with sport at school we had lots of clinics like football, tennis, t-ball and more.

My highlight: my highlight is the invasion games I liked invasion games because it involves the sports I like

Visual art reflection
I learnt how to make a self portrait.
I learnt what warm and cold colours are.
I learnt how to make paper scrolls.
I learnt how to make a Chinese mask.
I learnt how to put patterns into art.

I enjoyed making my Chinese mask.
I enjoyed making my portrait.

My group worked very well.

I think this years art was not that very good.

Art has helped me draw better

Auslan reflection
What I learnt: I learnt that Deaf used to use very old things to make hearing aids and that hearing aids look different now to what they used to look like. I learnt what a suitable environment for a Deaf person is and what a non suitable environment for a Deaf person.
My highlight: my highlight was making our project and our poster.
My little brother is Deaf and my mum is teaching us sign at home and school my mum is very passionate about the Deaf community.

Performing arts reflection:
What I learnt: I learnt what miming really is and what’s behind. I learnt about clowning and also what’s behind it. I learnt what makes a good performance. I learnt what’s makes a good judge. I learnt how to perform good.

What I enjoyed: I enjoyed being a judge for olsc’s got talent. I enjoyed watching all the olsc’s got talent performances. I enjoyed learning about miming. I enjoyed learning clowning. I enjoyed playing different fun games

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