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Big write

I can: write a persuasive text with an opinion reasons and examples.
I think reading books and watching TV is something we should all have a bit of.

I think books are good because TV is not good for your eyes. For some people TV hurts their eyes and some people can have seizures. It can effect people’s eyes as we’ll.

TV makes people lazy and active. People get overweight from being too lazy, because they just sit down and eat food.

Books take a lot of time to finish. Sometimes books take up to a week to finish and watching TV you could finish it in half an hour.

Books are boring to a lot of people but not to others.

When reading you can get very interested in the book. Some books are very silly but some TV shows are silly as we’ll.

If you want to create a book it is easier then creating a TV show. It will cost a lot of money for the equipment you need to make a TV show. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to make a book.

That is why I think we should have a bit of TV and books.

I can: write a narrative with wow words.

majestic grape and powerful pizza

One day majestic grape was in 300 hundred dollar castle and heard a big knock on the door. He sprinted down his spiral staircase and met a powerful pizza.


We became best friends and we would fight bad foods despite that powerful pizza was a bad food. After we finished a battle we met an evil hamburger and had to fight it. He sent out mini fries and they had melted cheese guns. The melted cheese guns would paralyze you.

We defeated the fries and took on the hamburger, then the hamburger sent out assassinating cucumbers, and pizza and I fought  those off too.


The hamburger sent out deep fried chicken nuggets, and pizza and I fought for days and days. powerful pizza got OWNED. We finally defeated the chicken nuggets.


Then we jetpacked home, and powerful pizza was hurt and dying. “NOOOOOOOOOO you can’t die.”


I found medicine to help pizza he felt better.


we fought bad foods despite pizza was a bad food


10 years later pizza died in my sadness i destroyed evrything.

I can: write a persuasive text that can convince someone.
We should play tackle at school
I think that we should be allowed to tackle at school.

I think we should tackle at school, because the boys who play already play contact sports, like Football rugby and some of us do boxing.

Also at inter school sports we are allowed to tackle, so I think we should be allowed to tackle at school.

At the rugby clinic across the road we are allowed to tackle as well, that is another reason why I think we should tackle at school.

In some other schools I have heard that they are allowed to tackle. There are lots of sports that use tackle or else it ruins some sports.

If we are taught the right way to tackle we should tackle at school.

Hopefully we be able to tackle but only if we are taught the right way.

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