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Character captain

How did Tim feel? I think Tim felt very scared because he could get bashed again!

How did Tim react to the different events? Tim reacted to these different events in all sorts of ways he reacted good and bad.

How Tim interact with the others? Tim interacted with the others respectfully and used up there time so he wouldn’t get bashed.



1.B waterways
2.C rain could wash it away
3.D plants and animals in the water
4.C garden waste
5.D people do the wrong thing
6.B five or more people
7.B the person that doesn’t spell spud
8.A take three steps
9.A and D more people that are it and spelling a word with more letters
10.B the girl running away
11.B setting up a playing area
12.C inspired to race
13.A home town
14.C train for races
15.C admire him

1 Angus travelled to Mongolia
2 he decided to compete
3 he trained after school
4 he competed in two races
5 he won awards

16.D if you believe in your dream in can come true
17.C he achieved a difficult goal
18.C he will discover an answer
19.B he thought it started

ANZAC day facts

1.anzac stands for australian new zealand army corps
2.anzac would last a long time
3.over 130,000 people died
4.11,000 anzac’s died
5.the anzac’s landed on the wrong beach

Clever connector
Text to self: one time there was a terrible storm and flood and I checked on my brother cause he was scared.

Text to world: people actually believe in the water horse and the water horse is a myth.

Text to text: I have seen the movie water horse and on the news there are terrible storms.

This is my AFL information report

AFL rules?
All the AFL rules are

Holding the ball

Push in the back

To high

In dangered kick

Holding the man

Pulling back and slapping arms for a contest

Running without bouncing

Afl is an Australian sport that stands Australian Football League that was made in about 1857 tom wills was one of the founders of football.
He came back from England being a great cricketer and decided football as a winter was needed for cricketers to stay fit in off-season. This is why he created AFL.Football quickly populated.

Afl positions?
There are 18 on field positions in AFL all the positions on AFL are
Full back
Back pocket (there are two Back pockets in a game)
Half back (there are two half backs in a game)
Centre half back
Wing (there are two wings in a game)
Ruck rover
Full forward
Forward pocket (there are two forward pockets I a game)
Half forward (there are two half forwards in a game)
Centre half forward

There are 18 AFL they are!
Adelaide Crows
Brisbane Lions
Geelong Cats
Gold Coast Suns
GWS Giants
North Melbourne
Port Adelaide
Saint Kilda
Sydney Swans
West Coast Eagles
Western Bulldogs

There once lived a boy who would play the Xbox 24/7 and believed very truly in heaven he would only sometimes do chores with a little help and when he got hurt he would yelp

-Will Beaton

Two stars and a wish
*great story
*great work
wish more full stops

homeless reflection

  1. It is sad that 3638 people under the age of 12 are homeless

  2. It is very sad to know that 22,773 are homeless in victoria

  3. It makes me sad and annoyed that %33 of people are homeless from domestic violence and family issues

  4. it is disturbing that people over the age of 75 are homeless

  5. it is very upsetting that victoria have so many homeless sleeping rough

Abbreviated words

Why do we abbreviate words?

I think we abbreviate words Because some words are really long, so we make them shorter so there easier to say.

Where have you seen abbreviated words?

I have seen abbreviated words in games, on the internet, in books, at school, and even in the army.

List 10 common abbreviated words you have seen and put them into sentences.

foot-ft. This piece of wood is 2 ft. Long
abbreviation-abbr. this task is about abbr. words
Captain-Capt. Capt. Cook is famous in Australia
August-Aug. born-b. I was b. in the month Aug.
Before Christ-B.C I was not b. B.C
Doctor-Dr. Dr. I need your help
Drive-Dr. Armfield Dr.
Department-dept. fire dept.
Court-Ct. I live in a ct.

Book review of the brilliant world of Tom gates
Setting: Tom’s school and house
Characters: Tom, Marcus (his nemesis,) Amy (the girl he likes,) Delis (his sister,) Derek (his best friend,) mr. Fullerman (his teacher,) Tom’s parents, Tom’s the fossils (Tom’s grandparents,) the rest of his class, and the rest of his teachers aren’t really mentioned much. The author presents them and brings them up in very smart way, and addresses them at the right time.
Complication: there is lots of complications in this book which makes the book interesting. One biggest complication is the girl he likes doesn’t really like him.
Resolution: Tom, Derek and Amy (the girl Tom likes) all like the same band Tom gets tickets to the band concert dude 3 and he invites Amy and Amy starts to like him.

Recommendation: I do recommend this book and the whole series of these books.


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